We provide you with recording studio services

Recording studio services might be purchased on-line by visiting the official portal of the Chemodanov Manufacturing business. It is sufficient to reveal your contact and name contact number for feedback. The recording studio welcomes software for the production of audio ads for television and radio, as well as records congratulations as songs and poems for many different special events upon an individual demand. In addition, extremely qualified gurus will help you select the right take, get rid of needless disturbance inside the recording and process the sound, apply any additional result and execute tuning sound handling.

Cost requirement for audio saving services

In the recording studio, you can purchase any appropriate package deal of services. Here is the manufacture of videos, music content and audio publish-production. A studio with out a sound professional may be hired for just one thousand rubles per hour, the services of a seem director will surely cost 1 and a fifty percent thousands of rubles hourly, with the lease of your properties. You can even purchase the producing of a text message or perhaps a script for twenty thousands of rubles or more. More info about every one of the services provided by the Chemodanov Generation studio can be found in the comprehensive price listing.


Company goals

The main benefit of the recording studio can be a convenient area, the opportunity of free storage of client info for 6 months, a distinctive model of the project place, which takes under consideration the bodily qualities of noise as well as the regulations of acoustics. The technological equipment in the documenting business conforms with all of global specifications. The room is equipped with a contemporary highly effective air flow system, that enables they to be effective easily.

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