"Oh, simply stopped talking as well as do you task!"

Originally published in 2019
As a notary public myself, I can not inform you how many times I have actually heard, "Simply stopped talking and also do your job". Various other notaries over the years have actually shared listening to the exact same. Typically, this will come form an unenlightened lending officer or real estate agent. Or just somebody that desires you to damage the rules for them with little regard of the consequences for the notary. But what is more disheartening is when one notary says it to another.
I recently obtained a phone call from a notary friend who had such an experience. This notary was asked by a lending institution to swear a document in a spousal state that the various other spouse was instructed by the loan provider that they really did not require to sign. My notary close friend knew this was not legal and also because she recognized the law she refused to finish the project. The notary after that connected to among her other notary close friends, who informed her to simply 'shut up' and swear the documents and also included completely procedure; "That do you assume you are?", '"You are just a notary?". This distressed my buddy greatly, therefore the call to me. I let her recognize quickly IMHO regarding I am concerned she had actually done the appropriate thing.
Listen, we are federal government officials as well as IMHO, if we understand something to be unlawful (or unethical) you can not in great principles continue with the procedure of notarizing. We are supposed to be securing the general public. Not aiding and abedding folks trying to pull a rapid one. And also sadly, we at some point all pertained to realize, the mortgage sector is filled with deceit and also fraudulence. So, my rule of thumb is to consider how would I answer and also protect my activities, if I were ever before contacted us to court as well as had to jump on the stand and also a judge asked me, if i understood something to be unlawful, or unethical, exactly how would I protect my activities?
And for an additional notary to insult another since they did what she/he believed or felt was appropriate IMO was not fair. We are all responsible for our own actions. We all have to do what we feel is right as well as must have the ability to safeguard our actions if comes down to that. As well as for me the lower line will certainly be if I can live with what I have actually done as well as can I sleep in the evening.
gk notary I would like to listen to with several of the remainder of you feel about this.