Sorry about the inadequate post quality

Sorry about the inadequate post quality. I was just skimming through your post and posting my ideas on  OSRS gold it. Plus I really wanna return to levelling agility. That skill does not make for great forum lurking. :lol: One last thing,the very best way for any one to understand is from expirience. Proceed and try your luck at these boses. They're all fantastic fun, and great money should you continue at them. Is there any location not in the boss camps to get a reasonably high level to train with melee? Please note I do not want to range, I don't wish to do supervisors, and I can not do slayer creatures (38 ftl). What armor and things should I bring, and what if I kill? Thanks.

OK so quests are not actually my favorite thing to do in the world, so I haven't done very many . However, I have decided I want to do all of the quests that are similar to the" have to do" quests. I am looking to do quests which have quite useful rewards. I do not mind training some abilities to get requirements if I have to. Some quests I was thinking about were, terror from the deep, the fairy ring (idk wat it is called), and throne of miscellania. Are there any other quests that I can do?

Are there some other tools to aid in Roleplaying? (An option to see the bios of other players.) Are there any issues with those worlds? (Glitches that remain unresolved because Jagex does not care.) Or an I just receive a detailed explanation concerning them? This would save time at the event lets say a significant glitch exists. I don't know what is difficult to understand. Basically I am interested about how good the RP element has been implemented the RP worlds.

I also want to understand how others behave in the RP world, should they actually act as though they should or do they ignore the RP label and just treat it as another world. The cause of this is that I'm too cheap to purchase members and check it out for myself until after I complete every F2P pursuit. And I'm too impatient too wait to discover more.

Okay, so here's the deal... I'm gonna find membership again and I was thinking of approaches of earning cash (about 20m would do for me), however it seems like every strategy I came around to, was dull. But when I heard about God Wars Dungeon, it seemed pretty interesting. At first I did a bit of research, and it appeared the only corner that I thought would suit me, was Bandos' Stronghold. I can not kill the boss, so I'm considering moving after his minions. And they do appear to  cheap RuneScape gold drop seeds that may be a good enough money resource. So here's my question...