Myreque Quest V - Line Of The Myreque

Myreque Quest V - Line Of The Myreque. Quest Name:Line of the Myreque. Skill Requirments Level 65 Attack Level 65 Defense Level 55 Slayer ability to take out Level-145 Vanstrom, Drakan Guards, Drakan Knights, and King Drakan. Quest Requirements: Legacy Of Seergaze. Veliaf Hurtz, Burgh De Rott, can assist you in starting this quest.

Veliaf Hurtz says: Hello I am glad to be back at our home base (Player Name). Unfortunately, I don't have time to speakto you, as...... there is no requirement to listen to this. Player: You're welcome I'm always willing to assist. You're very kind, (player name). Do you recall Vanstrom Klause blocking our ultimate goal? What could I have forgotten? I defeated his Hellhound, His Vampyres, and his Vyrewatch. He was my foe! Excatly. But our real objective was to oust King Drakan from Morytania! That's right. What should I do? Well, since you are an official Myreque, I only have one thing I can tell you.

What's this Veliaf? I'm not able to tell you. It's not the time to tell you. Vanstrom could be listening. I'll meet you at the Mercenary adventurer. Meet Veliaf in the Mercenary Venturer. Then, pay attention. Vanstrom may be anywhere and, if Vanstrom is, Drakan's main is.

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