We provide you with recording studio services

Recording studio services could be bought on the internet by going to the official portal of your Chemodanov Manufacturing firm. It is sufficient to indicate your name and contact cellular phone number for responses. The recording studio will accept applications for producing noise commercials for television and radio, plus information great job by means of poems and songs for many different special occasions by using an specific request. Additionally, extremely skilled experts will help you pick the best take, remove pointless disturbance inside the recording and process the sound, implement any extra outcome and perform adjusting tone of voice digesting.

Value criterion for audio saving services

From the recording studio, you can order any ideal deal of services. This is the manufacturing of videos, audio content and audio article-creation. A recording studio with out a audio engineer can be rented for one thousand rubles each hour, the services of a sound director will surely cost one particular plus a 50 % thousand rubles hourly, along with the lease from the properties. You may also buy the producing of the text message or perhaps a script for 15 thousands of rubles or maybe more. Additional information about every one of the services offered by the Chemodanov Manufacturing studio can be obtained from the detailed selling price checklist.


Firm goals

The benefit of the recording studio is really a handy spot, the chance of totally free storage space of consumer information for half a year, a unique design of the work place, which can take into mind the actual features of sound and the rules of acoustics. The technical equipment in the taking organization conforms with all global specifications. The space is equipped with a modern day effective venting program, allowing the team to function easily.

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