This site offers recording studio services

Recording studio services can be bought on the internet by going to the official portal of the Chemodanov Generation company. It is enough to suggest your contact and name contact number for feedback. The recording studio welcomes apps for the creation of audio ads for radio and television, as well as documents congrats by means of poems and songs for many different special occasions with an personal request. Moreover, highly competent experts will allow you to select the right consider, get rid of unnecessary noises in the process and recording the seem, use any other impact and conduct tuning voice handling.

Price requirement for sound saving services

Inside the recording studio, you can purchase any suitable bundle of services. This is the manufacture of video clips, music content and seem publish-production. A studio room with no audio engineer may be hired first thousand rubles an hour, the services of any sound director will surely cost 1 as well as a fifty percent thousand rubles hourly, alongside the rental in the premises. You may also get the composing of the text or perhaps a set of scripts for 10 1000 rubles or more. More information about all the services offered by the Chemodanov Creation studio room can be obtained from the comprehensive price listing.


Organization main concerns

The advantage of the recording studio is really a handy location, the opportunity of free of charge storage of client data for half a year, an exclusive model of the job room, which takes into account the bodily attributes of audio as well as the regulations of acoustics. The practical equipment of your taking business complies with all international requirements. Your room is equipped with a contemporary effective air flow program, that allows the team to function easily.

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