I love this tree! Oh, it takes cherry blossom petals to make

New vacation with 100+ new items! . . .wait a minute... there are 15 new things with Animal Crossing Bells 7 recolors each. And 11/15 of these things are ugly. And every island just gets 1 colour variant, and that means you have to trade 1,000 NMTs with strangers on the internet if you would like to collect all of them."

Obviously, that is in contrast to the other method they prefer to use, where every product is from a rare random seasonal DIY drop, also requires limited seasonal materials to craft.

"I love this tree! Oh, it takes cherry blossom petals to make. I'll make this rug rather. Never mindit requires summer shells. Perhaps I can craft this decoration? Acorns and pine cones. I will settle for this pumpkin wand. Oh, I do not have all four versions of pumpkins. Wintertime? Got to stock up on snowflakes!"

I just wish to decorate a full sized house with some fancy furniture. Every bedroom is antique. Every bathroom is white. Every other themed island is"Japanese themed", since that's one of those only 3 topics out there in Nook Miles Ticket For Sale this sport.