A number of these may even arrive with entirely new bosses

In PSO2, a new story means new Quests. Many are the typical types (ARKS, Marathon, Exploration, etc.) occurring in the new areas, but anticipate new Urgent Quests and PSO2 Meseta exploration sorts to come with Episode Four or after it initially drops. A number of these may even arrive with entirely new bosses.

Like everything we've seen so far, each will have their own plans, and a few will be raid-style taking place in new arenas. We've already seen Challenge Quests, which really are an enjoyable way for alliances or teams to test their own mettle for excellent rewards. More new kinds are on the way, and some have different challenges and benefits, such as rewarding players that score high with greater loot.

Obviously, Episode Four will also arrive with new pieces, such as gear, augments and cosmetics. Additionally likely being inserted is crafting, which many fans are asking about. Crafting was released in Episode twice in Japan so it's likely we will finally see it at the North American version in August. Here, you do not necessarily make things or equipment, and improvements can make weapons worse. The big thing that accompanies crafting is the ability to customize Approaches, new achievements and names.

Most of the new cosmetics take following Earth and the story's new personalities, so they may not be for you if you prefer to maintain a high sci-fi appearance. 1 noteworthy new item is Bonus Keys. These are obtained from Featured Quests and occasionally as Rare Drops. They unlock a Bonus Quest, which is basically a stadium with Phantoms spawning at your level. However, there's a catch: while they are simple to destroy, they're also able to deal huge damage, killing some courses in just a couple of hits. There is also a time limitation on how long you need to complete the quest, and failing means you have wasted a key. Bonus Quests drop tons of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta rare loot and particular currencies in bulk in addition to granting a lot of expertise, which makes them worth your time.