At fleshies, I would say around 30k per hour. Good luck!

I'd say you could string about 2000-3000 flax per hour. I really don't understand about that he membership, since I have never bought it through a bank. If you play for RS gold four hours, then do not do it on karamja, do it in catherby. I don't know exactly what you mean by how long the waterfall pursuit lasts. It TAKES approximately 30-40 minutes. For adventure in the druids, less as at fleshies because it is more crowded. Perhaps 15k-20k. At fleshies, I would say around 30k per hour. Good luck!

XP share doesn't affect dungeoneering xp, just the xp from various other skills that you happen to find xp in throughout the dungeon. Switch it on or off based on the preference of the Group. If you have a pure or a skiller on the team, definitely turn it off. Reset prestige when you hit your greatest floor. If you're low-level, this isn't always a fantastic idea, since on your way back up to the maximum floor you can perform, you can unlock more floors and feel awful about resetting early.

Prestige. The quantity of experience you get for completing a flooring in Daemonheim relies not just on the ground's level, but also in your prestige amount, which is a measure of how deep to the dungeon you've researched. Recognizing this mechanism operates is absolutely esssential to getting the most possible benefit out of Dungeoneering. Despite this, it's probably the area of the ability that disturbs players the most. So keep reading for a comprehensive explanation.

The Success Behind Prestige. As you move down through Daemonheim, you encounter deeper levels of the dungeon that are more ambitious, and supply more experience point benefits because of this. The natural tendency of players is to always do the deepest level they had unlocked, even repeating it over and over before a new floor has been available.

After all, that's how most skills are trained: when you reach higher levels, you participate in actions that offer more XP to your time. The exceptions to this are skills where lower-level actions are often quicker in terms of XP per time, like those that"power level" utilizing low level items such as willow trees or buy OSRS gold iron ore.