Why Women Who Want a Boyfriend Shouldn't Be Allowed to Go Broke



A new game that has been gaining popularity is Boyfriend Dungeon. This is a dating RPG hybrid, allowing you to date and even marry male gamers! Developed by Z-xon Games, this fun and exciting online game gives players the ability to date men from all walks of life while developing relationships with them in the process. If you've always wanted to try dating someone of the opposite sex, this is your chance to do so! Find out more about this exciting game below!

Originally posted on YouTube as an instructional video for "dating people from YouTube," Boyfriend Dungeon quickly gained attention from gamers worldwide. The game itself was created for the iPhone, and the story revolves around a young woman, identified only as Jane, who lives in California. As you play as Jane, you meet a boy named Alex. You quickly realize that the two are really meant to be. From its name, it appears as though the game would be very heteronormative, meant for adventurous girls who seek a boyfriend from someone who shares their interests, but upon diving further into the story, it is clear that Boyfriend Dungeon isn't actually meant for anyone who wants to date someone of the opposite sex.

Despite this, the game comes off as very lighthearted throughout, and contains very cute and endearing characters. For example, one of the earliest characters is Mom, who provides humorous and endearing humor throughout the game. As soon as you meet her and fall in love with her, she offers help on your journey to find a boyfriend because she knows what it's like to have a family. Throughout the conversation, she refers to her family as "the happy farm", and expresses her desire to have a boyfriend to share her life with. This character has an almost familial affection for her son, which initially leads her to be the best mom possible.

Throughout your journey to find a boy, you'll also meet some other characters who are slightly more significant to your progress as a couple. First is Dave, a man who lives far away but has a very strong connection with your mother. This connection allows him to feel more attached to you as his girlfriend, so he tells your mother about your situation in the beginning. Then there's Alex, your best friend who is your sister's husband. While he obviously has no feelings for you at first, he opens up to you about his long time fascination with girls, which helps to solidify your bond with him. Throughout the story, you learn about what it feels like to be with siblings, and how much attention he gives you.

After spending so much time with these three characters, you start to realize something: all three of them have secrets that only you can uncover. One of the most interesting of these secrets is that one of the women who wants a boyfriend leaves the home she shares with her son to stay with her sister. When she moves in, she finds her son has moved out, and immediately takes an interest in you. At first you're hesitant to trust her, since her attitude towards you suggests a love interest much too close to your own. Fortunately, when your sister decides to marry Dave, you quickly see why she felt compelled to give up her family and her freedom, since having a boyfriend will ensure she never has to.

All of these elements are incredibly important in the story, since they help to create a realistic and relatable female character. Without those elements, it would have been impossible for this book to be written, since they allow you to sympathize with the main character and feel for her as well. Because of the way the author presents events, however, the reader must keep track of how much attention each character is giving the other, since it shifts throughout the story. Overall, the story is entertaining and educational for both boys and girls, though obviously for boys, reading about a mom who finds a 彼氏欲しい and goes crazy trying to get him to commit seems a little bit trite.