Top Tips for Managing Your Furniture Removals Company

So, you're understandably a little nervous about your removal day and want to be certain that everything goes as smoothly as you possibly can.

house waste clearance because we've all heard about and many have experienced a removal that went badly or significantly wrong.

Probably the most important elements to access grips with is that of managing your furniture removals company and below are a few top tips to aid in going about that.

Trying to manage an unprofessional and/or incompetent removals company can be difficult bordering impossible. So, the moral of the tale would be to make sure you do whatever it takes to select a good one to begin with. Take references, work with a long-established and highly professional furniture removals company and prevent jumping for simply the cheapest quotation.

Insist that your potential providers arrived at look at your property and your contents within their quotation process. Don't create a selection, even a preliminary one, based on a 'sight unseen' estimate. That could leave you vulnerable to the "I didn't know that" response when the removals company turn up to do the job - and that is the first step towards escalating costs or a bodged job.

Get confirmation of everything, including collection dates/times and the same for on-delivery, in writing. Don't accept casual 'matey' promises on the phone - they're useless if things subsequently fail and you're seeking redress.

If you have any larger, heavier or more challenging items to move, be certain that the removals company specifically confirm on paper that it is included. That should avoid the "you didn't reveal you wanted that shifted" syndrome.

On removals day itself, make sure that you circulate to keep a watch on packing. There is a balance to be struck here between maintaining a watchful eye and getting back in the way as well as worse, trying to micro-manage the packers and removers. When you have selected a top-class professional company, this should be a relatively minor task but do it anyway. Don't accept shoddy packing or a 'chuck it all in" culture if you view it starting.

Do likewise whenever your cartons and furniture items are increasingly being loaded onto the vehicle. Ensure that they're using strapping to secure furniture items to the side of the vehicle and that they've thoroughly and comprehensively protected your furniture with blankets and other such protection.

Make sure you watch also when heavier furniture items are being taken down stairs or out of doors. A second's carelessness or simple error of judgement might leave gouges out of plasterwork or wood. If that occurs, be sure you formally note it to the removers because you will most probably be asked to cover repairs by the property's new owners when they move around in. Your removal company's insurance ought to be taking care of that instead of your bank balance.